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The main activities of IMONT press s.r.o are engineering services and assembly services:

  • installation of forging forming machines and equipment
  • providing all spare parts
  • repairs of forging and metal forming machines (medium repairs and overhauls)
  • service work within 48 hours (on site)
  • contracting replacement of maintenance and repair capacities of the customer
  • moving machinery and equipment (disassembly and assembly)
  • plumbing

The company IMONT press s.r.o. carries out dismantling work of equipment, moving it to another location, re-assembling, setting-up and testing. The company is able to provide all repairs of machinery such as machine shears, press brakes, repairs of hydraulic cylinders, etc.

By all means, we provide all locksmith and welding work which requires official tests, manufacture and installation of steel construction, production of various conveyors and all assembly and repair work in our own production hall.