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IMONT press s.r.o.

The company called IMONT Žďár nad Sázavou was established as a common project of three entrepreneurs in early 1997.

Since the very beginning, the company has focused on repairs of machines and equipment, manufacture and assembly of constructions, conveyors, moving machinery and other equipment as well as plumbing work.

The company started to expand after humble beginnings thanks to the dedicated work of the entire team and the following company development is visible in the gradually growing number of employees and an increasing production capacity.

Thanks to the high standard of services provided, the company’s annual turnovers have been going up since 1999, which enables the further growth of employees and the expansion of production areas.

In 2003, the original association of entrepreneurs was transformed into the company IMONT press Ltd.

Thanks to the fundamental principles of the company, which are reliability, speed/ efficiency, high quality, and flexible negotiation above all, it has been possible to manage a lot of projects even abroad and IMONT press s.r.o has become competitive in the market conditions of the European Union.